AT Commander's

German Officer's Monocle

The first time I ever saw a monocle was probably on the Hogan's Heroes TV show. Colonel Klink used it to great advantage to express emotions such as decisiveness, shock, and disappointment. It must've fallen out at least once per show! Werner Klemperer was, as I understand it, a Jewish refugee who originally had reservations about playing the part of the bumbling Colonel Klink, but he went on to win a couple of different awards for his acting.

21Century's German Major General figure is an ultimate Bad Guy. He just LOOKS cruel and mean! This looks like a guy who'd steal candy from a baby. He looks like a guy who'd try to cancel Christmas! The monocle was a great addition to this character's personae. Here's a profile showing the monocle in place and a front view as well. I decided to put the monocle on his right eye instead copying Colonel Klink.

The monocle was made from bubble-card packaging. I just found a flat spot and used a hole punch to pop out a perfect circle. It just h appens to be exactly the right size for a monocle! No, I didn't discover this myself... all of the credit goes to the famous Mike Cherry (whose famous Cherry Girls are legendary). I seem to recall Mike used a lanyard running from his figure's pocket to the monocle. Since my kids (and I) play with our figures a lot, I decided the lanyard would be a bad idea... the monocle would last longer without it. I made 3 of these, 1 gold rimmed, 1 silver rimmed, and 1 plain. Then we put it up to a family vote. This version won. It's held in place by super glue (a very tiny amount) to his eyebrow. If the monocle falls out and the plastic underneath is messed up, it won't be noticeable in his eyebrow like it would be on his nose or cheek.

Unteroffizier Manfred VonRoosevelt, the General's driver, gets his picture taken with the boss.

This was a fun project and (like most of my projects) took very little time. This one resulted in a pretty cool "Bad Guy Leader," too!

LMK what you think of this project, or any other stuff you stumble across on my website!

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