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Home-Made Sweaters

I got this Bright Idea one day when taking off a pair of socks. I noticed the hole in the toe and the heel was looking pretty thin. It came off inside out. As I prepared to throw it into the trash, I noticed the pattern on the inside of the sock. It looked like 1/6 cable-knit sweater material! From this observation, home made sweaters were born!

Jane's sweater is made from the original sock that gave me this idea. Yes, I washed it first. The sweater is made from the inside-out ankle of the sock. First, I started with it outside-out
and sewed it into a tube. I cut it off at the top and sewed across the opening, essentially making a bag out of the ankle of the sock. Then I cut a neck hole and two arm holes. Using the other sock, I made a long thin tube and cut it in half: these two tubes became the sleeves. I turned up the end a turn or two and stitched it down to make cuffs. Then I attached them at the arm hole location on the pullover I'd created. For the collar, I just took a roll of material and stitched it in place. Then I turned the whole shebang inside out and Viola! I had a cable-knit sweater! No, I don't have a pattern, because this project just sort of happened. Here, she's dressed in her French Resistance Fighter garb (which could also be about any spy-related outfit, too, I suppose). You can find details on the shoulder holster in the Holster section of my website, if you're interested.

This sweater was my second attempt. This one was made out of a brown sock. The sweater came out a LOT better than the first one. The material looked like it might be prone to fraying, so I used some fray-stop stuff after I got the whole sweater sewn. Unfortunately, the anti-fray stuff turned a greyish-whitish color and became hard like concrete... which really detracted from the sweater. In these pics you can see how it made a greyish caste around the seams where I used it. :-( I guess I won't use THAT stuff again! This one makes a great French Resistance Fighter sweater, too!

The first sweater was rather unplanned and just sort of happened. The second one happened with a tad more forethought, but without much planning. It's cool to have a couple of extra sweaters around, in case I need to throw together some French Resistance Fighters for a diorama event or for a quick Joe game. I had a pretty cool knockoff sweater from the '60s, and an original French Resistance Fighter. Thanks to these easy-to-make sweaters, we can fill the ranks pretty easily!

LMK what you think of this project, or any other stuff you stumble across on my website!

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